Grace Lin: Dumpling Days

Written and illustrated by Grace Lin

Chapter One – A Month in Taiwan

Chapter Two – On the Airplane

Chapter Three – Uncle Flower

Chapter Four – Dumplings in Taiwan

Chapter Five – Visiting Ghosts

Chapter Six – Eating Dim Sum

Chapter Seven – Art Store

Chapter Eight – Fortune Teller

Chapter Nine – Garbage Truck

Chapter Ten – Forest of Precious Thoughts

Chapter Eleven – Painting Class

Chapter Twelve – Japanese Restaurant

Chapter Thirteen – Audrey Chiang

Chapter Fourteen – Misery Loves Company

Chapter Fifteen – Lissy’s Photoshoot

Chapter Sixteen – Going to Taichung

Chapter Seventeen – Hungry on the Train

Chapter Eighteen – Cousin Clifford

Chapter Nineteen – Dumpling Taichung

Chapter Twenty – The Market

Chapter Twenty One – Temple in Lugang

Chapter Twenty Two – Four Pleasures of Life

Chapter Twenty Three – Traveling at Night

Chapter Twenty Four – Back in Taipei

Chapter Twenty Five – Dumplings at Taipei 101

Chapter Twenty Six – Painting Class Again

Chapter Twenty Seven – Lissy’s Photos

Chapter Twenty Eight – Bakery

Chapter Twenty Nine – Last Painting Class

Chapter Thirty – The Night Market

Chapter Thirty One – Trouble

Chapter Thirty Two – Lost

Chapter Thirty Three – Found

Chapter Thirty Four – The Exhibit

Chapter Thirty Five – Being the Best

Chapter Thirty Six – Four Days Left

Chapter Thirty Seven – Gift for Grandma

Chapter Thirty Eight – Grandma’s Party

Chapter Thirty Nine – Lots of Gifts

Chapter Forty – Goodbye!