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DMA Chicago is a consulting company that has been in business for decades.  We are a geographically dispersed company with our consultants located across the United States and also in other countries, which allows for speed in responding to our client's needs and for regionalized support.   DMA Chicago specializes in application architectural design, solving and implementing complex database enterprise requirements and high speed solutions for data access.  

By researching and developing in a few specialized areas of software, DMA Chicago has developed speed, consistency, accuracy, and versatility. DMA Chicago's organization is built upon a group of visionary, high energy, highly educated and experienced individuals that know their business better than anyone else. This knowledge and work ethic is translated into sound application oriented solutions through years of experience. We cost less, do more and do it faster.   Our ability to access years DMA Chicago proprietary application tools to aid in automating new solutions gives us a strong competitive edge.

Our people carry significant experience in very specific areas of systems development.  We have developed successful and proven methodologies in the areas of RAD, data base design, and cross-platform development. We supply people, products and services to the Fortune 1000, State and Federal government agencies, and to some of the largest consulting firms in America.