Neil Waldman

Where I Live: New Watercolors by Neil Waldman


Watch Neil talk about the series

Living in the COVID era has affected everyone. For Neil Waldman, it gave him a burst of energy and a drive to find a place to feel peaceful. Throughout the last several months he has striven to depict this space, a place brimming with a pregnant peace; teeming with life and hope.

In the darkness of a winter night,

I ventured into a dreamy meadow,

shimmering with newborn trees.

Opening my eyes, I breathed deeply, and smiled.

Then I climbed the stairway to my attic studio,

turned on the lights, and went straight to my easel.

During the next several weeks,

I created dozens of watercolors

that depicted places I’d never seen before.

And as the pandemic swarmed through

country after country,

I escaped to the inner sanctum of my studio,

and painted the tranquil scenes that

appear on these pages.

It is my hope that when you view these paintings,

you’ll be transported to the peaceful places

that I discovered then.


Forest Triptych | Each panel 16×12 in | Watercolor