Leonard Nimoy: Early Work

Leonard Nimoy has been a photographer most of his life. He first experienced the magic of making photographic images as a teenager in the early 1940s. “I was about thirteen,” he says, when he discusses his attraction to the family camera, a bellows Kodak Autographic, which is a cherished part of his collection to this day. His darkroom was the family bathroom of their small Boston apartment. His subjects were family and friends. Nimoy’s first enlarger was a do-it-yourself number built around the same time as the family Kodak.

Mr. Nimoy’s original photography ranges in price from $1,500 to $25,000 dependent on image, size of image (which range from 5″ x 7″ inches to life-size 67″ x 80″), and size of edition (all are small editions of between 2 and 25). B&W images were shot with film and hand printed by Mr. Nimoy in his darkroom. Color images are digital and the printing was personally supervised by Mr. Nimoy. All photographs are signed and numbered.