Jerry Pinkney: Sam and the Tigers

Written by Julius Lester, Illustrated by Jerry Pinkney



Sam and the Tigers Cover
12.25×23.5 in




Title Page
11.75×21.25 in


Dedication Landscape
10.5×18.5 in



Sam’s Family
3.5×8 in

Sam Walking
10.5×12 in


New Clothes for School Sam Grinned
10×20.5 in



As Red As Purple as a Love
10×20.25 in

As Yellow As That’s It
10.5×20.25 in


10.75×21.5 in



Sam Goes To School
10×20.5 in

I’m Going to Eat You Up
10.5×21.25 in



Take My Pretty Yellow Shirt
10.5×21.5 in



These Are Ear Shoes
4.5×8 in


Tigers Don’t Need Umbrellas
4×8 in

Sam Took Off His Pants
10.5×21.5 in

Sam Started Crying
10.5×21.25 in


I am the Finest Tiger that Ever Was
10.75×21.5 in


Snarled and Snapped
10.5×21.5 in




Don’t You Want Your Clothes Anymore?
10.5×21.5 in
Faster Faster Faster
10.5×21.5 in



She Made the Batter
4.5×8 in

Dedication Bird Spot
2×6 in



Pool of Butter
10.5×11 in




Everybody Sat Down to Eat
10.5×22.5 in