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Leonard Nimoy’s lecture at the Annenberg Space for Photography on Sept. 15, 2011



Annenberg Space for Photography lecture Photos


Secret Selves




See photographs from the opening reception at R. Michelson Galleries and at MASS Moca



Leonard Nimoy Photo Project


See photographs of Mr. Nimoy from the Secret Selves photoshoot in Northampton, MA.



Los Angeles Times

October 30, 2009

Leonard Nimoy exposes secrets by Geoff Boucher

Huffington Post

September 30, 2011

Leonard Nimoy Explores Secret Selves and “Dangerous Territory”


The Boston Globe

July 24, 2010

Secret sharers: How Leonard Nimoy photographed people’s hidden identities


Mass Live

July 25, 2010

Leonard Nimoy photographs expose “Secret Selves”


A.V. Club

July 28, 2010

An interview with Leonard Nimoy


New York Times

July 29, 2010

Nimoy Photos Show People’s All-Human Personalities


Albany Times Union

July 29, 2010

MASS MoCA presents first major museum exhibition of Leonard Nimoy’s photography


WAMC Radio

July 30, 2010

Joe Donahue speaks with cultural icon, Leonard Nimoy about Secret Selves


Nerd Caliber

August 2, 2010

Nerd Caliber interviews Leonard Nimoy

WBUR 90.0fm Boston

August 20, 2010

Leonard Nimoy Explores “Secret Selves” in New Show


WFCR interview with Francesca Rheannon

November 28, 2007

Click here to listen to Leonard Nimoy’s interview by WFCR’s Francesca Rheannon regarding Leonard’s upcoming project “Secret Selves”


Full Body Project

Leonard Nimoy Lecture


Photographs from the Full Body Project lecture and opening reception.




January 29, 2009

The Birmingham, AL radio station interviews Leonard Nimoy on the Full Body Project.

The New York Times

May 13th, 2007

Craig Ferguson Interview

January 4, 2008

Click here to read an article on Leonard Nimoy by Anthony Pascal (TrekMovie.com) and see Leonard’s interview on Craig Ferguson.

Writer’s Voice Podcast

Leonard Nimoy’s THE FULL BODY PROJECT on the Writer’s Voice podcast

The Colbert Report Interview

February 14, 2007

Leonard Nimoy challenges American standards of beauty with photographs of nude overweight women. Stephen Colbert talks to Leonard about his new book.

NPR Interview with Scott Simon

November 3, 2007

Click here to listen to Leonard Nimoy’s interview by NPR’s Scott Simon regarding Leonard Nimoy’s  Full Body Project.


Daily Hampshire Gazette article by Suzanne Wilson

November 7, 2007

Click here to read an article on Leonard Nimoy’s visit to Northampton and show at R.Michelson Galleries.






Photographs from Leonard Nimoy’s Shekhina Project opening reception.



Sex and Religion

September 2010

Leonard Nimoy featured on the Canadian TV show Sex and Religion.



Summer 2008

A video interview of Leonard Nimoy about his photography work.


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