Leonard Baskin: The Man Who Died Colophon

This book, the seventeenth issued with this imprint, was designed by and printed for James and Carolyn Robertson at The Yolla Bolly Press, Covelo, California, during the summer and fall of 1992. The illustrations were drawn and cut in wood by Leonard Baskin. The book was composed in the Bembo types. The text and illustrations were printed by Aaron Johnson at the Press, using mould-formed Somerset paper, imported from England. Endsheets for the edition were handmade at the Twinrocker Paper Mill in Brookston, Indiana. The edition is one hundred thirty copies, of which one hundred are offered for sale. Thirty-five copies have been bound in vellum at the Press by Renee Menge, are accompanied by a suite of unbound signed prints, and are enclosed in a box of bay laurel and cedar woods. Of these, copies numbered 1 to 30 are for sale. Eighty-five copies are bound in a cover of Japanese cotton over boards and are enclosed in a linen slipcase. Of these, copies numbered 31-90 are for sale. Then unsigned and unbound copies are available for sale to bookbinders. All other copies are reserved for the artist and the Press.