Leonard Baskin: Hippolytos Colophon

Two hundred copies of Euripides’ Hippolytos were printed at The Gehenna Press in Northampton, Massachusetts, the work completed during the summer of 1969. The type is Monotype Centaur and Arrighi. The pressman was Harold McGrath. The etchings by Leonard Baskin were printed from the plates by Emiliano Sorini. The translator thanks John Moore of Amherst College for his help with the Greek tect; George Dimock of Smith College, William Arrowsmith, James Hynd and Thomas Gould of the University of Texas for their commens on the manuscript; and Atheneum Publishers for permission to use the text in its present form. W.S. Barrett’s edition of the play, published by Oxford University Press, was followed throughout. The Translation is dedicated to Theodore Ely Bagg and Elma White Bagg.