: Vitek Kruta

Vitek Kruta (born in Prague, Czech Republic) is a professional artist, muralist, art restorer, set designer and teacher. His work has been featured in exhibitions in the former Czechoslovakia, France, Germany, the United States, and Canada. Mr. Kruta was trained in the Old World techniques of Fine and Decorative Arts in the Czech Republic and Germany where he attended school and apprenticed. After his education, he worked as a restorer of paintings, murals, frescoes and painted furniture in historic buildings, castles and churches before coming to the United States in 1991. Inspired by his restoration experiences and Old World artistic sensibility, Mr. Kruta developed a unique style of distinct and original paintings which he exhibits in galleries and art shows throughout the country.

“When Thomas Cole introduced the American landscape to the European audience, the reaction was “Its not real”. Yet he pioneered a way to bring the unimaginable beauty of the American Landscape to the audience. The feel of monumental proportions left the audience in awe just like of the pre photography era in owe had the same effect as the amazing modern digital areal photography of today. Our ancestors cherished the views of the landscapes by creating access to amazing views, look outs and locations as they promoted recreational activities and early tourism. The Skinner House and other structures through out the Pioneer Valley are still very popular destinations today.

The painting “Happy Valley” is inspired by the early tourism concept that led to a creation of National Parks and preservation of natural resources.

The frame serves as the architectural element taking the viewer to the era of the mid 19 century classic architecture thus creating an illusion of being on one of these “Look Outs” observing pristine landscape and the view from Mount Tom north on to the Connecticut river.”

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