: Michael Zide

Growing up in the Southwest, Michael Zide left Los Angeles at age 23 and moved to Martha’s Vineyard Island. Over the next 13 years Zide pursued a career in commercial and fine art photography, focusing on the Vineyard landscape.

In 1982, Michael’s wife Jana and I left the Island and moved to Amherst, where they raised their son in the company of many dogs and cats. Although his focus is still the landscape, Zide continues a career in commercial photography, public speaking and teaching photography workshops.

“I remember my feelings of confusion and excitement as I looked out my window that morning. The space between the real and the imaginary had suddenly disappeared. It was January 10th, 1949. During the previous night, what was referred to as “Los Angeles’ First Historic Snowfall” by the L.A. Times had fallen silently. For some reason, I had awoken just as the sun rose, casting a reddish orange glow over the entire world. Alchemy had occurred, and I believed the world had turned to gold.

I have never forgotten the emotional power of that moment. That first snowfall set in motion both the search for a view of equal enchantment, as well as a visual memory in search of meaning. From 1982 to the present, my photographic search has continued in the Pioneer Valley with no lessening of awe or excitement.