Jeff Kern is a native of Springfield and attended the University of Massachusetts where he received a BFA in Printmaking in 1979. After graduation from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Kern began self-education in traditional oil techniques. He has perfected an approach to realism that is concerned with careful subject design, and careful attention to detail, which is sometimes taken to a trompe l’oeil degree of finish. Kern is perhaps best known for these highly detailed trompe l’oeil still life paintings created from eclectic assortments of antiques, paper ephemera and collectibles found at flea markets and auctions.

The summit house and its forested flanks are an oasis from the patchwork properties of life below. It was my first and strongest inspiration when I was a new painter, and I’ve returned to it many times since. As it was in the 1820s for Cole and his society, it is now for many artists and for each of us who appreciates the beauty of this land that has been held in reserve and protected for our common benefit.           – Jeff Kern

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