Illustration: R. Michelson Galleries Mural Process

R. Michelson Galleries has a lot of people to thank for this beautiful mural. Brian Foote and the Northampton Arts Council, with their enthusiasm in enriching our city with art, helped fund this project. Kim Carlino and Ramiro Davaro-Comas were commissioned by the council to complete the four-story painting in two weeks. They completed the project in one week, despite a massive heat wave and treacherous weather conditions.

Design Process

How to begin the process of creating a four-story mural depicting our dedication to children’s book illustration? It certainly was a learning process. The final mural includes 30 children’s book characters, and 39 book spines. Although the mural is complete, our job isn’t yet finished; stay tuned for a mural key letting you know exactly who’s who on this massive painting.

Painting Process

On Friday June 21st, Kim and Ramiro started the task of painting the original untouched brick wall from when Northampton National Bank completed the building’s addition in the 1950’s (the front of the gallery was built in 1913). Beginning with a white basecoat to help seal and protect the wall, they moved on to block out the blue sky, shelves, and books, before projecting the mural’s characters one night. Please enjoy these process photographs below.

Photo from the top of the parking garage. Ramiro is setting up the projection for Matthew Cordell’s character from Wolf in the Snow, as Kim draws the outlines on the wall with white chalk.


The final mural, completed in just ONE WEEK by muralists Kim Carlino and Ramiro Davaro-Comas. We are SO thrilled to represent 30 different characters, 39 book spines, 2 muralists, and illustration art in the valley. It truly does take a village.