Maurice Sendak: Wild Things Bean Bag Dolls

Sendak with his Wild Things

These sketches are Maurice Sendak’s preliminary designs, showing the front and back of each character, for the soft toys based on the Wild Things characters in 1982. The production of these toys pushed the boundaries of plush design, as the cloth material was directly printed on, and cut in pieces from there. Despite some early hiccups in manufacturing, this line of toys is still in production today, with the original design from the eighties.

Pencil on Vellum, 3.5×8.5 in
Pencil on Vellum, 4.75×8.5 in
Pencil on Vellum, 4.5×8.5 in
Pencil on Vellum, 4×9.5 in
Pencil on Vellum, 4.25×9.5 in
Pencil on Vellum, 4.5×9 in