Kate Feiffer

Rich Michelson and Kate Feiffer

Kate Feiffer, a former Boston-based television news producer, playwright, and documentary film maker, is the author of eleven books for children, four of which have been illustrated by her father, Jules Feiffer. A lifelong doodler, Kate reluctantly allowed us to exhibit her work. She says: “Reluctantly because for my entire adult life I had kept my doodles (which I am now starting to think of as drawings) primarily to myself. The reasons why are part of a longer essay—it’s enough to say it has something to do with my last name.” At R. Michelson Galleries we are thrilled that Kate’s faces and figures and captions have stepped out of the closet. She is no longer exhibiting her art on scraps of paper, and the backsides of envelopes. Kate has now established a very successful art career of her own.