Eric Carle: Original Illustration

Phyllis and Bill Halloran are educational consultants who have traveled all over the world speaking about children’s literature. Bill was the author, and Phyllis the editor, for the book Proud to Be a Teacher, which has influenced thousands of teachers to care about kids, to pay attention to quality of life in the classroom, to enjoy books, and to be proud to be teachers.

Phyllis is also a poet, and she contributed the poem The Squirrel to Eric Carle’s book: Animals, Animals (a variant of Eric’s cut paper illustration for that poem is included in their collection).

During their years of friendship Eric gave the Halloran family many original pieces of his artwork. Their collection became one of the largest private collections of Eric Carle artwork in the country. Many of the pieces are inscribed and all are signed by Eric.

Rarely does an original Eric Carle illustration become available, as Carle has pledged his personal collection to the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art. We are pleased to be offering the Halloran Collection, for the first time, to private collectors.