William Patterson

“I am a Contemporary Realist painter. Contemporary Realism is more than narrative, encompasses fantasy, reality and psychology, and is grounded in a thorough understanding of abstraction and contemporary concepts of picture space.

The aesthetic content of my work is a result of intense visual study, looking into and through nature. Various themes are expressed through the multi-layers of meaning achieved with composition, in the handling of paint, and the manipulation of space, atmosphere and light. My work is neither formalistic nor purely naturalistic, but a delicate balance of both abstraction and reality. What is expressed, if it is to have meaning is achieved through abstraction. What is felt, what I see visually and emotionally comes from life around me.

The series of recent paintings are about Places, inside and outside. Much of the work is focused on Deerfield Massachusetts and Italy, in both landscape subjects and still life/interior compositions. A new series began while teaching in Cortona, Italy in 2009 continuing the (outside) landscape theme.”

Oil Paintings on Wood

Works on Paper