Robert Masla: Landscapes

“Anyone can learn the technique, the craft, with practice, patience and persistence, but it is the individual’s creative signature, their unique vision of the world, that makes it art. In my role as a teacher of art, I spend as much time helping people unpack their baggage, learning to trust their intuitive voice and jump into the unknown, as I do teaching them about technique.”

-Robert Masla

Rich Michelson and Bob Masla at the 4th annual Sammy Awards at the Jones Library. Click image for details.


Oil Paintings

To me, drawing and painting from nature is a form of meditation, like sitting or using a mantra. It is a practice and a process. I go beyond the chattering mind to a place of quiet centered awareness. The self dissolves into the “flow” and there is a oneness of awareness between the subject and object.”

-Robert Masla

Watercolor Paintings and Pastel Drawings