Rebecca Bleecher

Born in Los Angeles California in 1966, Rebecca Bleecher moved with her family to the East Coast as a toddler; living in New York and Ohio before settling in Massachusetts when she was nine.

Passionate about art since childhood, Rebecca attended extracurricular art classes as a child and majored in art through high school. She graduated magnum cum laude from UMass in Amherst with a BFA in Painting and a minor in Printmaking and Psychology.

Following graduation, Rebecca worked as a fine artist, art instructor and interior decorator and began working with R. Michelson Galleries in 1989. She participated in both private and group art exhibitions at galleries on the East Coast, including: Wisteriahurst Museum, UMASS, Burnett gallery in Amherst, Prints and the Potter in Worcester, Vermont galleries, Kiley-Court Gallery in Provincetown, MA., and R. Michelson gallery, among others. She worked primarily as an oil and watercolor painter during this time, creating large, bold, colorful paintings of Tango dancers and other figurative works and still life images. Charcoal was also a favorite medium during this period, using bold shapes and graphic patterns.

In her late twenties she began a career as an Occupational Therapist at Noble Hospital in Westfield treating individuals with physical, cognitive, and mental health disabilities. During the nine years that she worked as a therapist, she began meditating avidly and participated in a three year meditation program. Rebecca became interested in spiritual hands-on healing and attended trainings in Reiki, Process Acupressure, Clinical Acupressure and Zero Balancing. After her work day she began to see clients at home for alternative healing sessions. In her spare time she continued painting and also began working with an SX70 camera creating manipulated Polaroids using Time Zero film and paint.

Always intuitive as a child, in her mid 30s she began to experience spiritual openings, and finally in her late 30’s, had a Kundalini awakening that profoundly altered the path of her life. At this point Rebecca’s art began to take on more spiritual meaning for her and she began channeling personal Spirit Guide paintings for her clients. She attended Energy Medicine school at the Institute for Healing Arts and Sciences and soon realized that shamanism was her true path. She began following the guidance and wisdom of her Spirit helpers as well as attending shamanic workshops with various shaman. Her art began to include spiritual symbolism.

Rebecca opened a full-time private practice as a healer in Northampton, Ma. where she currently works with clients both in-person and long distance, nationally and internationally. Her art studio is located in the Eastworks building in Easthampton, MA. Her recent art work includes both representational and abstract pieces in mixed medium.

Rebecca teaches workshops in art, creativity, meditation, healing and oracle card reading. She is presently completing the illustrations for two books she has written for young children as well as paintings for an oracle deck that she began in 2014.  Her art work is in both national and international collections.