Michael Kuch: A Sphinx’s Field Guide

Approaching the turn of the millennium, Kuch was inspired to create the sculpture, Sphinx in Bloom, which has rested in front of the R. Michelson Galleries building in Northampton for several years. Kuch was intrigued by the idea of juxtaposing antiquity’s timeless, stone icons with the ever ephemeral flower. The nature of Time continues to be a perennial theme for Kuch. Perceptions of time shift as we travel through it.

Using Sphinx in Bloom as a jumping off point, Kuch has created a new series of images juxtaposing the ageless sphinx (Egyptian and Greek as well as an Assyrian) with an array of evanescent elements —flowers, moth wings and clouds. To Kuch, the question is not whether Time is fleeting or infinite, but a puzzling answer of it being both at once.


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