Generations: Mo Willems, Cher Willems, Trix Willems

The Willems family has a tradition of creating different art together. Whether it is drawing on butcher block paper during doodle dinners, sketching in cafes and parks, or sharing and discussing each our latest efforts, we all enjoy the opportunity to express ourselves as individuals. While there is often cross over, generally son Trix draws realistic figures and landscapes, mom Cher creates patterned abstractions and ceramics, and dad Mo makes cartoony figures and abstracted paintings. All three of us hope that our efforts will encourage you and your team to create as well.


Mo Willems

These ink and acrylic paintings are representations of some of Cher’s pottery. My painting studio abuts Cher’s pottery studio and I often take inspiration in her work’s shapes, colors, & patterns. I’m a fan.


See more of Mo’s artwork here.

Cher Willems

This is a platter with an abstracted blue pour of glaze. Like all my pottery, it is made to used. I’m interested in the way a piece feels and looks, and I like the way abstract shapes on the surface of a pot interacts with its curves.


Trix Willems

This pen and marker drawing is the view from a window in our house. When drawing from life, I love discovering the shapes that are created by the relationship of objects in space. Since I draw directly with pen without using pencil, I have to carefully consider these positive and negative spaces as I draw.