A Dance to Spring, Astaire, and Getting Old

April 1st-May 31st 2018
Artist Reception Friday, April 13th 6-8PM in conjunction with Arts Night Out

Check out the photos from the Opening Reception here!

“The limitations of old age plus our move to an isolated island off the East End of Long Island caused me to wonder: What now? Stealing from my old boss, Will Eisner, I dove into graphic novels, really hard and demanding work and not my preferred style. After a hard day of noir, I found myself going back to drawing dancers. Free form leaping, soaring, and defying gravity (which encouraged the illusion that I was defying time). Modern dancers springing back to my early Village Voice years, and tap-dancers inspired by a life-long love for Fred Astaire and various black tap artists.

Drawing dancers makes me forget that I’m 89, am chronically breathless, and move at a snail’s pace. As my dancers go aloft, they take me with them. Because they are effortless, so am I. A Dance to Going On!”

-Jules Feiffer, 2018

Listen here for the WAMC Interview with Jules Feiffer 

“The Washington post recently anointed Jules Feiffer as our greatest living cartoonist. But beyond his revolutionary political cartoons, a fixture in the Village Voice from 1956 until 1997 (he also created the first op-ed page comic strip for the New York Times), he illustrated children’s books (‘The Phantom Tollbooth” “Bark George’), wrote plays (‘Little Murders’) and screenplays (‘Carnal Knowledge for Mike Nichols; Popeye for Robert Atman’), novels, graphic novels, and animated film shorts. He has received an Oscar, Obie, and a Pulitzer.

But when I approached Jules over a year ago about a retrospective for his 89th birthday, he would not hear of it. ‘I am doing the best work I’ve ever done,’ he emailed, ‘I want this exhibit to be new and explosive, with figures sprawling and flying everywhere, and focused on dance…  It only took 89 years to figure out how to do this stuff!’

So we welcome you to a show of all new works — Jules Feiffer at 89 looks toward the future!!  Come join us.”

– Richard Michelson, 2018


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