: Rey Milici

As a teenager growing up in Brooklyn, Rey Milici aspired to make art his career. Upon viewing his early drawings, his grandfather, a freelance illustrator, strongly encouraged him to attend art school. “He told me that I had the talent to be an artist… He gave me the confidence to carry on. I’ve never wanted to be anything else.”

After graduating from Hartford Arts School, he did a tour of duty in the Army and ultimately settled in Northampton in the late 1970’s. At the time, Western Massachusetts was gaining notoriety while the the Valley Realists were garnering national acclaim. Rey quickly made a name for himself as one of the foremost realist painters in the area.

Rey paints outdoor subjects, but not your typical landscapes. He is drawn to the infinite variety of the real world. Rey’s pieces range from backyard scenes to seascapes, and are characterized by sharp clarity of form and rich color. He is concerned with recording a place frozen in time, and seeks out places where the play of light and shadow captures the essence of the scene.

Oil Paintings



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