Robert Masla
Gratitude: The Unrecognized Essential Worker Series
October 2020

Earlier this year, Robert Masla was hard at work on his upcoming exhibit, Catching the Light: Then and here- Here and Now, scheduled for October 2020. Then came COVID-19 and his attention shifted. This new collection of paintings depict the various unheralded but much needed essential workers that have come into the spotlight during the COVID era. Included in this group is the burgoening protest movement, essential now more than ever.

This exhibit will be on view in the gallery through the month of October.  Masks and appropriate social distancing is required.

Mr. Masla will be at the gallery Friday, October 2, from 3pm to 8pm and Saturday October 3rd, from 1pm to 8pm

View the Exhibit Here.

Immigrant Farm Workers I | 30 x 40 inches | Oil on Canvas