Jane Dyer: Once There Was A Story

Written by Jane Yolen and Illustrated by Jane Dyer

Lazy Jack (England)

The Little Red Hen (England)

The Little Old Lady Who Lost Her Dumpling (Japan)

The Bremen Town Musicians (Germany/Brothers Grimm)

Tops and Bottoms (Africa/America)

The Old Woman and Her Pig (England)

Stone Soup (France/Portugal)

Rosechild (Jane Yolen)

The Lion and the Mouse (Greece/Aesop)

The Mean Tiger and the Hare (Korea)

The Grasshopper and the Ant (Greece/Aesop)

The Ugly Duckling (Denmark/ Hans Christian Andersen)

The Tortoise and the Hare (Greece/Aesop)

The City Mouse and the Country Mouse (Greece/Aesop)

Plip, Plop (Tibet)

The Hen and the Big, Bad Fox (Ireland)

Noah’s Ark (Israel/Old Testament)

The Sow, The Mare, and the Cow (Jane Yolen)

The Determined Tortoise and the World’s Wisdom (West Africa)

Silly Wishes (Sweden)

The Shoemaker and the Elves (Germany)

The Golden Goose (Germany/Brothers Grimm)

The Merman’s Sock (Denmark)

The Sweet Porridge Pot (Germany/Brothers Grimm)

The Two Neighbors (France)

Stonecutter (Japan)

How Anansi Spider Got All His Stories (Africa)

Frog Prince (Germany/Brothers Grimm)

Ali’s Wretched Sack

Brave Marietta (Italy)

How the Fox Got His Tail (Unpublished)