Judith Anderson

Judith Anderson (1934 – 2008), recieved her BA at Mt. Holyoke College in 1956, studied drawing and painting at the Art Students League, and was introduced to etching (her preferred medium) in the 70’s at Michigan State University. “In etching there is great flexibility in reworking an area, in refinements and enriching images. I use various aquatints and softgrounds, draw through hard ground and etch the zinc plates with nitric acid. The prints are hand-pulled on a manually turned press.” Judith, a printmaker for over thirty years, passed away on April 5th 2008 at the age of 73.

“The germ of the idea for a particular print develops over many months or sometimes years. Images from reading, dreams, relationships, pictures, plants and animals will gather and cluster until a beginning form for the print emerges. The main image grows and changes, often in surprising ways, during the long process of working on the plate, which may be several months. Only some time after a print is finished do I come to understand intuitively more about its origins and implications.”