Generations: R.W. Alley, Max Alley

R.W. Alley

Robert (R.W.) Alley grew up all over America, in Virginia, New York state, Texas, South Carolina, and Maryland. Robert has been illustrating original stories since he was a child and illustrated his first children’s book, The Ghost in Dobbs’ Diner in 1981, which was published by Parents Magazine Press. Robert’s best-known work has come out of Michael Bond’s Paddington Bear series which Alley has been illustrating for the past 20 years. He currently lives and works in Rhode Island with his author wife, Zoë B. Alley.

See more of R. W. Alley’s artwork here.

Max Alley

Max is a storyboard artist currently working for Nickelodeon in Los Angeles. He loves to explore the whacky and unimaginable in his work, an interest he connects to a healthy dosage of newspaper comics and Hanna-Barbera cartoons.

“I believe my art interests and style were greatly influenced by the stories my parents used to tell my sister and me when we were kids. I attribute my love of creating a story relating to the characters in my art to my parents’ great storytelling abilities!”

-Max Alley