: Alan James Robinson

Alan James Robinson has been a fly-fisherman and fly-tyer for over 32 years and has visited over 45 hunting and fishing Lodges all over the world. He had a permanent campsite at Schoolhouse Pool on the famed Beaverkill River for 10 years, 1969-79. As a wildlife artist and outdoorsman, he is committed to advancing his understanding of nature through his many experiences. Over the years, Alan has collected a vast library of slides, which he uses as reference for artwork and for presentations to conservation groups, sporting clubs, and other fund raising events. He is the owner, designer, and illustrator for the award-winning Press of the Sea Turtle, which he established in 1979. The Press carries a number of original paintings, hand colored etchings and giclée prints. He has also published 27 limited edition books, including The Birds and Beasts of Shakespeare and An Odd Bestiary.

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