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Bernard and Huey

By 1959, Feiffer, Jules’ self-titled comic strip, was distributed nationally by the Hall Syndicate and published in magazines across the country.  Bernard and Huey were a pair that originated in The Village Voice but became a regular feature in Playboy magazine in the 1980’s.  Bernard was a “nebbishy intellectual” offering high minded conversation to his prospective targets and Huey the “mumbling, leather-jacketed Neanderthal” who offered no such conversation.  By the time he was doing work for Playboy, Feiffer was in his 40’s and thus so were Bernard and Huey. No longer were they the college boys hitting on college women but now the over-the-hill, out-of-shape, middle-aged men hitting on college women; older, but not wiser.

In 2018, a feature film was produced based on these characters from a screenplay by Feiffer.

The Washington Post: How a hunt through the Library of Congress helped get a new movie made.


Bernard and Huey