Jules Feiffer

A Dance to Spring, Astaire and Getting Old Opening Reception

Rich Michelson and Jules Feiffer Dancing
Inside the Gallery
Jules Feiffer, Norton Juster and Rich Michelson
Jennifer and Rich Michelson
Rich Michelson and Kate Feiffer in front of her latest works
Kate Feiffer and Bad Kitty Nick Bruel
Poets Rich Michelson, Lauren Marie Schmidt and Martin Espada
Norton Juster and Documentary Filmmaker Janice Kaplan: The Phantom Tollbooth: Beyond Expectations
Three Poets: Ocean Vuong, Martin Espada and Rich Michelson
Jules Feiffer Q&A
The Crowd
Our Wonderful Staff, Subha and Meghan
Norton Juster and Jane Yolen
Jane Yolen
Jeff Mack Meets Some Fans
Jules Feiffer and Norton Juster
Is this seat taken??
Jules Feiffer
Guests enjoying Feiffer’s work
Jules Feiffer with JZ Holden and Kate Feiffer
Jennifer Michelson, Jules Feiffer, Kate Feiffer, JZ Holden and Rich Michelson