Mo Willems | Wordplay | March 1-31st, 2018

Artist reception Friday, March 9, 2018, 6-8pm. In conjunction with Northampton’s Arts Night Out. (Mr. Willems will not be signing books at this even)

See the series here.

The last year has underlined the remarkable power of words in our public discourse. These simple collections of letters can be wielded to denigrate and destroy or illuminate and liberate.

This collection of recent drawings is an attempt to grapple with words’ power while retaining a sense of playfulness. Playfulness has power, too, and I fear for its future.

The proceeds of my sales for this exhibit will be donated to The Center For New Americans, to support their language and literacy education.

-Mo Willems, Northampton, MA

Wordplay, Crayon Pencil, 6.5×9.75 in, 2018

Around the Corner and Beyond: New Works By Robert Masla | Dec 2017

Reception: Friday December 8, 6-8pm.

In conjunction with Northampton’s Arts Night Out.

For artists to paint in nature today, though perhaps seen as “traditional” or “retro”, is actually an avant-garde act that is rapidly growing in a resurgent movement. It is a bold statement that flies in the face of pop culture and our societies conditioning of instant gratification and the illusion of separation from nature. By emphasizing the Sacred Landscape in art, we acknowledge our connection to and dependence on Nature and the precarious position of our relationship with Her and perhaps point a way back to honoring Her. Robert Masla

See the exhibit here.

Morning Fog Lifting, Oil on Canvas, 8×10 in

28th Annual Children’s Illustration Celebration | Nov 12, 2017-Jan 15, 2018

Join us for the celebration!  Sunday, November 12, 2017 4-6pm.

The Eric Carle Museum will be selling books and most illustrators will be in attendance.

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Take a look here.

Ta-Da! ,Watercolor on paper by David Wiesner, 8.25×10.25 in from the book Art & Max


Valley Realism | September-October 2017

The Pioneer Valley has seen a tradition of contemporary realism since the emergence of the Valley Realists in the 1970’s and 1980’s.  Four contemporary realists carry on that tradition with a range of voices and perspectives.

New works by Rey Milici, Robert Brooks, Randall Deihl, and Nan Hill.

Artist reception: Friday, September 8th, 6-8 pm. In conjunction with Northampton’s Arts Night Out

See the exhibit here.

Calvin, Oil on Canvas, 20×24 in

Views of the Mount Holyoke Range with Kestrel Land Trust | May-June 2017

A group exhibit in conjunction with Kestrel Land Trust.  Artists in a variety of media and styles bring attention to the land and its importance.  The Mount Holyoke mountain range has been a beacon of inspiration for artists for hundreds of years and we invited the Land Trust and the artists to demonstrate why its so valuable and how to preserve it.

Opening reception Friday, May 12th 6-8pm.

See the exhibit here.

Lewis Bryden – Skinner Park 18 x 24 in, oil on canvas – 2017