Rey Milici: New Oils & Watercolors

July 2021

As a young boy I always had a love for the landscape. Back then it was me with my trusty Red Ryder BB Gun exploring the hills and forests around my extended family’s New York summer home, and today it’s with my camera exploring the local neighborhoods here in Western Massachusetts.

The landscape holds everything I’m interested in as an artist: vivid color, strong values, texture, and a wonderful sense of space. Autumn is my time of the year to best express myself and my emotions as a painter. Over the years and because of what the fall season has to offer, I have developed a higher key pallet that has served me well.

My involvement with the ocean/water began years ago during my 10-year abstract pastel excursion. As I found myself turning from pastel to oil and from abstraction to realism, the ocean became more and more important to me as a means of self-expression. What was and is wonderful with the venue is that I’m always looking for both the real and the abstract at the same time. Two sides of the same coin.

In both cases, the landscape and seascape, I’m always looking for the moment that both challenges and excites me. Without the challenge there is no fun.

                   –Rey Milici



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