Fine Art: Eric Vellert

Eric Vellert studied under Leonard Baskin when he was a student at Hampshire College in Amherst, MA alongside fellow protégés Michael Kuch and Peter Bogardis. Upon leaving western Massachusetts, Vellert moved to rural New Hampshire and immersed himself in his work making prints, painting, and even doing some architectural design (he proposed a design for the World Trade Center Site Memorial Competition). Using innovative printing techniques, his prints are heavily worked with richness and a deep texture. He varies the process with each print making them all unique. His work belies a deep spiritual intensity, especially his large series of the Ganges River.

Vellert is a true original, hatched out of the ovens of van Gogh, Montecelli, Ryder and Rembrandt – Leonard Baskin



The Boy in the Boat

Candle Light


Roses I Love