Paul Mariani – A Celebration | Friday, November 9, 2018 | 6-8pm

Help us celebrate poet and teacher Paul Mariani with an evening of poetry, art, and music. Friends and colleagues will be reading poems, both their own and of Mr. Mariani’s. Stephen Schoenberg will be playing music, and there will be an exhibit of wood engravings by artist Barry Moser, with whom Mariani collaborated on several books.

The author of seven poetry collections and numerous books of prose including biographies of William Carlos Williams, Wallace Stevens, and Hart Crane, Paul Mariani taught at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and Boston College where he currently holds a Chair in poetry.

See the exhibit here.

Paul Mariani by Barry Moser | Relief Engraving 5×7 in

Quiet Time of the Day | Works by Kathleen Hession | September 2018

Kathleen Hession is a landscape painter and lives in Western Massachusetts. Emphasizing mood and shadow, her work is influenced by the American Tonalist painters. Her paintings are about the quiet time of the day, before dawn and the last minutes before dusk and creates paintings of intimate vistas that are familiar yet mysterious.

Please join us for the Opening Reception on September 14th from 6-8 pm (in conjunction with Northampton’s Arts Night Out).

see the show here.

Brightening Skies, oil on canvas,  16 x 10 in. by Kathleen Hession

Hey Kiddo: Jarrett J. Krosoczka with special guest Jeanne Birdsall

Sunday, October 14th from 4-6pm.

Join Jarrett J. Krosoczka as he reads from his graphic memoir—HEY, KIDDO. After the reading, Jarret will be joined on stage by National Book Award-winning author Jeanne Birdsall to discuss writing, children’s literature, and the saving power of creativity.

Book sales by The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art.


See original works inspired by Hey Kiddo here.













Right to Left, What’s Left to Write? | A Dialogue Between Two Cultures | May 11, 12, 13, 2018

A performance art exhibit with Ernesto Montenegro and Dr. Foad at A.P.E Gallery at 126 Main St., Northampton, MA (next door to the gallery)

May 11, 5-8 pm, in conjunction with Northampton’s Arts Night Out and continued on Saturday May 12, and Sunday May 13, 12-5 pm.

There will also be a display of sculpture from Mr. Montenegro’s flatmensquared series on the main floor of the gallery.

Right to Left, What’s Left to Write? Painting by Ernesto Montenegro, Calligraphy by Dr. Foad. Oil on canvas 70×72 in.

Over forty years ago, sculptor, then painter, Ernesto Montenegro was commissioned to do a series of Renaissance-style paintings for a residence in Boston’s South End. His career has since turned from painting to sculpture and his works can be seen in public spaces across the country including the Gateway to Manchester in NH, the Cyclist in Greenfield, MA, and the 53 foot Ourhandsthenandnow in Claremont, NH.

Dr. Foad fled Iran in the late 1970’s as a 16 year old boy, fearing danger because of his Baha’i faith which was prohibited and was widely persecuted in the new Islamic Republic. He came to the United States and educated himself at Boston University and Harvard University.

Mr. Montenegro has recently re-acquired this series of paintings and is joining with Dr. Foad for an event and conversation about cultural fusion. Dr. Foad will be engaging the audience in a dialogue and with their help will write a narrative over these paintings in the calligraphy of Ancient Persia, his native language of Farsi.

In our time of political polarization, cultural identity has brought with it both opportunity and strife. This event is intended to start a conversation about the nature of those identities and how they can co-exist.

See images of the paintings before their transformation here.

Please join the artists in this important and timely conversation. There will be food, drinks, music, and plenty to talk about.




Mo Willems | Wordplay | March 1-31st, 2018

Artist reception Friday, March 9, 2018, 6-8pm. In conjunction with Northampton’s Arts Night Out. (Mr. Willems will not be signing books at this even)

See the series here.

The last year has underlined the remarkable power of words in our public discourse. These simple collections of letters can be wielded to denigrate and destroy or illuminate and liberate.

This collection of recent drawings is an attempt to grapple with words’ power while retaining a sense of playfulness. Playfulness has power, too, and I fear for its future.

The proceeds of my sales for this exhibit will be donated to The Center For New Americans, to support their language and literacy education.

-Mo Willems, Northampton, MA

Wordplay, Crayon Pencil, 6.5×9.75 in, 2018

Around the Corner and Beyond: New Works By Robert Masla | Dec 2017

Reception: Friday December 8, 6-8pm.

In conjunction with Northampton’s Arts Night Out.

For artists to paint in nature today, though perhaps seen as “traditional” or “retro”, is actually an avant-garde act that is rapidly growing in a resurgent movement. It is a bold statement that flies in the face of pop culture and our societies conditioning of instant gratification and the illusion of separation from nature. By emphasizing the Sacred Landscape in art, we acknowledge our connection to and dependence on Nature and the precarious position of our relationship with Her and perhaps point a way back to honoring Her. Robert Masla

See the exhibit here.

Morning Fog Lifting, Oil on Canvas, 8×10 in