Kurt Vonnegut - Silkscreen Prints and Sculpture
Kurt Vonnegut

Regarded as one of America's most respected novelists, Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.'s literary work often defies categorization. In much the same way, Vonnegut's art shows the divserse influence of such artists as Klee and Bracque, as well as a distinct Cubist style. He is constantly experimenting in his drawing as in his literary works.

Vonnegut began painting landscapes in the 1950s, but his drawings for the 1973 novel Breakfast of Champions brought his artistic skills to public attention. In 1993, Vonnegut complied with a friend's request to assist in the dedication of Kentucky's Midway College. To advertise the event, Vonnegut provided one of his self portraits to be used for a silkscreen poster. This impetus has led to the creation of over fifty prints and one sculpture.

Watch a video of Kurt Vonnegut discussing his artwork filmed at R.Michelson Galleries.

Richard Michelson and Kurt Vonnegut
In 2000, R. Michelson Galleries was proud
to host an exhibit of Kurt Vonnegut's artwork.

Artwork by Kurt Vonnegut available at R.Michelson Galleries:

by Kurt Vonnegut
Aluminum Sculpture
24" x 10"

Let’s Do It
by Kurt Vonnegut
Giclée Print
22" x 15"
Please inquire about pricing.




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