Deborah Rubin - Watercolors

Bringing to Light

Deborah Rubin is one of the foremost floral watercolor painters in the country. Born in Chicago in 1948, Rubin holds a BFA from the University of Illinois. Her flowers have formed the base of over 50 exhibitions, garnered nearly 20 awards and have found their way into dozens of permanent collections. Deborah's paintings combine a spectacular large scale with brilliant light and meticulous detail. She has been pushing the boundaries of photo-realism and hyper-realism since the mid 1970's with an eye on nature and more recently, architecture. She currently lives in western Massachusetts.

"While Rubin’s technical proficiency recalls her photorealist concerns, the crystalline-yet-fluent quality of her images creates a depth of feeling and a strong concern with content and symbolic meaning."

— The Villager, New York City


Deborah Rubin and gallery owner Rich Michelson.

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