Nan Hill
Nancy Hill - Oil Paintings

Born in Minnesota, Nan Hill lives and paints in the Pioneer Valley, an area renowned for its extended group of Contemporary Realist artists who are some of the finest in the country. Hill studied art at local schools; she is a Smith College alumna and holds a degree in painting and art education from the University of Massachusetts. Her work has been represented by the R. Michelson Galleries since 1996.


Sideshow is a two-person exhibition featuring Randall Deihl and Nan Hill depicting views of carnival sideshows and ruminations on being a "freak". In the United States, there is a long tradition of sideshows going back to the 1800s, often being the feature of traveling carnivals and roadshow circuses. In this exhibition, Hill's charming and surreal paintings work as a meditation on what it is to be "different" and not to fit the conventional norms. Together, Deihl and Hill explore the shameful thrill of the sideshow, its place in our cultural landscape, and the boundaries of what it means to be normal.

Snake Woman

The Bird Girl

The Human Eyeball

The Human Flower Woman

Carnival Prizes

Siamese Triplet Buddha

The White Rabbit Child


A new series
by Nan Hill

Three Figs on Sari Pallu
5" x 5"

5" x 5"

Bark Cloth Pear
5" x 5"

Green Pear on Lavender Tile
5" x 5"

Little Green Apple
5" x 5"

Green Apple on Italian Cloth
5" x 5"

Rainier Cherries
5" x 5"

Sunflower Pear
5" x 5"
Rosy Pear
4" x 5"


Still Life:

Nancy Hill - Aloha
11" x 8.5"

Nancy Hill - Poodles and Dolls
Poodles and Dolls
18" x 28"

Nancy Hill - The Infinite Loop
The Infinite Loop
11" x 12.5"

Hula Girls
24" x 36"
Nancy Hill - Buddhas
27"x 36"
Nancy Hill - The Unexpected Guest
The Unexpected Guest
14" x 24"

Broken Eggs
40"' x 30"

Cream Pitcher with Pears
30" x 40"

Pear on Indian Shawl
8" x 10"

Pineapple Still Life
20" x 16"

Rose Red
9.75" x 8"

Nan Hill's Eye-Cons! exhibit features small-scale eye portraits of famous icons. Hill's eye portraits are of contemporary famous people, icons whom viewers might recognize by their well-known and distinctive features. Using reference photography to capture likenesses, Hill was also personally inspired by Pop Art and pop culture, including comic books, in the choosing of the icons and in the whole concept of the show.

The pieces are sets; some are couples in real-life, some are not. The subjects are as diverse as Abraham Lincoln & Harriet Tubman and Sonny & Cher. While Hill's paintings are serious portraiture and many of the Eye-Cons! are individuals of high achievement, the aim of the show is to have fun, to see who is paired with whom and whether any of these famous icons can be recognized by an eye alone.

Miniature eye portraiture, known as lover's eyes, was very popular in courts and wealthy households for 30 years or more during the Georgian period in England. Equally popular in France and Russia, lover's eyes were initially exchanged by admirers as secret love tokens or mementos. The small eye paintings were soon popularized enough to be commissioned to portray family members and friends.

All pieces are oil on wood − 3.25" round or square − Sold as a set − Commissions accepted − Please inquire about pricing.

Angie & Brad

Abe & Harriet

Sonny & Cher

Pablo & Emily

Dali & Frida

Gandhi & Bardot

Meryl & Jack

John & Yoko

Albert & Marilyn

Tina & Bob

Cab & Billie

Bob & Audrey

The Beatles

Smokey & Ronnie

Siegfried, Roy, & Montecore

Barbra & Robert

Alice & Gertrude



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